About Us – Our People

Our Team Differentiates ArrowHead from Other Analytic Services Companies

ArrowHead Consultants Combine Market Knowledge with Decades of Experience Using Our Models to Help Clients Make Better Strategic Decisions

Our people are key in differentiating us from other analysis companies. Our staff is composed of senior, experienced experts in the commodity markets we service. They have been using our unique models for many years to help clients analyze key decisions. Our market experts have decades of experience and are committed to understanding client issues and helping clients to inform decisions.

Consulting projects are people, the people who staff them and work for our clients on them. Similarly, models are the people who build and operate them. Projects are people, the people who perform the analysis and manage the process. The combination of market-knowledgeable experienced experts and their use of ArrowHead unique models which accurately reflect the market behavior under various assumptions is unique to ArrowHead and an absolute requirement for companies making important decisions.

The quality of our team starts at the top. Who is better known and more experienced in the gas business than Dr. Dale Nesbitt and his ArrowHead colleagues? Who has received more accolades for the sophistication and correctness of the models they have built? Who knows more about electricity, renewables, and global natural gas, global oil and coal than Dr. Nesbitt and his ArrowHead colleagues? Probably no one. Dr. Nesbitt has been doing this for over 35 years. Recognized by the NSF and others for his knowledge of models and methods, Dr. Nesbitt is probably the best modeler in the industry and he considers his experienced team to be his peers.

Our Services Are Cost Effective Due to Our Models and the Capabilities of Our Staff

In today’s markets, putting the best team forward in strategic decision making is critical. However, cost efficiency and cost effectiveness are also very important. ArrowHead differentiates itself in these aspects. Our cost effectiveness is based on several ArrowHead aspects:

  • Our consultants are senior, experienced and knowledgeable. On projects, we don’t have a bunch of senior people hanging around and billing, providing no real work, while inexperienced junior staff scurry around, trying to do all the work. At ArrowHead, it is our experienced people that do the work.
  • Our consultants are experienced using ArrowHead models. This makes them highly productive, enhanced by the fact that the models are mature and have been used by our consultants for many years, in projects analyzing the same markets with similar objectives as those needed by companies making current strategic decisions. The models themselves are also designed for easy change of assumptions, data, scenarios, etc.
  • Our rates are reasonable. You get the best people in the industry at prices comparable to other companies’ rates for their more junior staff. We are able to do this due to our flat, low-overhead organization, the efficiency of our approach, and the experience of our people.