ArrowHead Services – Subscriptions

The ArrowHead Global Rare Earth Model (AGREM) Represents the Way Global Rare Earth Elements Markets Work Throughout the World

Arrowhead Subscription Offerings

1. The ArrowHead Modeling Platform

The ArrowHead Modeling Platform (AMP) Subscription provides licensed access to the ArrowHead Platform for creating, viewing, running, and reporting of models. The ArrowHead Models that are built on AMP by ArrowHead are listed in the Models section. Some are bundled and the rest optional. This offering is appropriate for clients that want to have proprietary versions of the ArrowHead Models and/or create proprietary models and want to maintain them, modify them, run them, and report on them themselves or have ArrowHead provide consulting services for this.

Bundled with AMP is the ArrowHead Dashboard, a simple and intuitive, yet powerful user interface for viewing all model results in attractive dashboards. The ArrowHead Dashboard provides access to all of the valuable results and information from ArrowHead models via the powerful and easy-to-use data visualization of the ArrowHead Dashboard. The ArrowHead Dashboard provides an extensive set of chart types, full data filtering capabilities, and the best-in-the-industry visualization graphics. The ArrowHead Dashboard enables any user via the cloud to access all model results in any view imaginable, including side-by-side view of different case results to visualize the impact of changed assumptions or a potential event. Results can easily be viewed upward and downward through regions and subregions, and laterally through disparate-price, quantity, and capacity-addition plots. The ArrowHead Dashboard is intended to be used by anyone, from analysts to executives, enabling them to take their tablets with the dashboard to meetings and discussions and refer to the dashboard to answer questions in real time.

Since the number of model runs varies dramatically by client, the model run Cloud Services Fees for model runs only are charged to the subscriber. These are the actual Cloud Service Provider (CSP) fees ArrowHead is charged for the client’s model runs only.

2. ArrowHead MarketVision

ArrowHead MarketVision is the best option for enabling companies to take advantage of ArrowHead models. MarketVision provides access to all of the valuable results and information of ArrowHead Models  via the ArrowHead Dashboard without companies needing to perform any of the modeling or model running required to utilize these results. With MarketVision, companies and agencies outsource their custom model runs to ArrowHead, to much more quickly get the primary value of ArrowHead models (the model results – accurate projections for prices, bases, and quantities at all market prices globally) accessed via the powerful and easy-to-use data visualization of the ArrowHead Dashboard.

MarketVision is a high-technology, cloud-deployed visualization procedure for viewing and presenting ArrowHead model outputs, projections for prices, quantities, and capacity changes for each model, including for all hydrocarbon commodities, power and CO2 and other emissions,  and critical materials, such as Rare Earth Elements and lithium, at every market point globally and/or regionally. MarketVision:

  • Provides easy login and access via the cloud
  • Is built with modern software
  • Entails zero IT costs or headaches for clients

MarketVision allows companies to fully benefit from customized, integrated global economic hydrocarbon model projections:

  • Without requiring clients to run these models
  • Without requiring clients to staff to support these models
  • Without paying outrageously priced visualization package license fees

MarketVision is composed of the ArrowHead Dashboard layered on the projections from the ArrowHead Model chosen:

  • Executives and presenters can bring into any meeting or presentation all model results for all scenarios on his or her tablet and display them using industry-best graphics on the ArrowHead Dashboard (ADB).
  • “Give the tablet to the CEO enabling them to easily view and interpret single- and multi-scenario results across the world real-time without help from anyone.”
  • The embedded ArrowHead Dashboard also enables easy exporting to static media for presentation or publication, such as PowerPoint or Excel.

What Is Included in a MarketVision for REE Subscription?

  • Results from the ArrowHead Global Model chosen, including:
    • Projection results from the model production base case
    • Projection results for three what-if scenarios of your choice
  • The ArrowHead Dashboard for viewing these results:
    • With the industry-best data-visualization graphics
    • Flexibly in almost any conceivable way
    • Via the Cloud with easy internet-browser access and no IT costs
  • MarketVision provides all of the key benefits of the ArrowHead Global REE Model and the ArrowHead Modeling Platform, except customizing and running models, which ArrowHead does for you.
  • The economic modeling we provide can help you better understand these future markets, ask what-if questions such as what if a prospective decision or action is taken. so that you understand the impact of those decisions or actions before you act not after.
  • Additionally, as an option, ArrowHead can provide the results from many different cases, including those that would utilize your company’s point of view, using your assumptions or combination of assumptions.

Common Characteristics of All Arrowhead Subscription Offerings

  1. Cloud -deployed. All ArrowHead subscriptions are cloud-deployed. Users install and maintain no hardware or software so there are no IT costs. Users only require a browser and internet access. There are no ArrowHead IT fees for subscribers, except for AMP subscribers actual model run cloud fees. ArrowHead maintains and updates the software so that it is always current and available. ArrowHead uses a top-rated CSP providing the best reliability and security.
  2. Annual Subscriptions. All subscriptions are auto-renewing annual subscriptions with next term cancellable with 60 day notice prior to the anniversary date.
  3. Number of Users. The number of users is unlimited.