ArrowHead Services – Who Uses Our Services

ArrowHead’s Services Can Help Many Different Types and Sizes of Company

Our Services Help Anyone Responsible for Corporate or Business Unit Decisions

There are numerous and diverse areas that use ArrowHead Services – different types of companies, different areas within companies, and many different job functions. Modern corporate decisions require a clear, confident understanding of the business at many levels and functions of the company, e.g., knowledge of future commodity markets, knowledge of costs, knowledge of profitability, and knowledge of risks. Our services provide such understanding at many levels within our client companies.

Types of Companies That Have Use for Our Services

From the list of clients that use our services, the diversity is obvious:

  • Commodity: There are energy commodities (natural gas, oil and refined products, coal, power and emissions), and there are many other commodities, listed on the Metals and Other Commodities page. There are multi-attribute consumer products as well (light duty vehicles, lighting, telecommunications services). Our practice spans the commodity and product space.
  • Type of company: There is a considerable diversity of company types:
    • Oil (Major oil companies, refineries, regional E & P companies, national oil companies)
    • Electric power (large utilities, merchants and independents, cooperatives, munis, etc.)
    • Natural gas (major oil companies, pipes, distributors, storage owners, LNG companies, national oil companies, etc.)
    • Mining companies (coal, iron ore, rare earth metals, etc.)
    • Trading and marketing companies
    • Manufacturing companies (e.g. steel and aluminum companies)
    • Finance companies
    • Government and regulatory agencies, where our services can help them understand the impact of proposed regulatory actions:
      • Will the action cause unexpectedly negative market results? Positive results?
      • Will the action accomplish the intended goal?
  • Size of Company:
    • Large companies: Many large companies have in-house analytic groups. We have found that our unique models and experts provide significant value and insights. Additionally, working with ArrowHead provides independent third-party analysis, a second opinion, on analysis provided by in-house analysts. There are many other advantages we provide, such as quick turnaround, avoiding internal IT costs and delays, avoiding licensing fees and costs, and difficulty of maintaining top-notch analytics teams. Important to note is that compared to customer in-house analytics our services provide the same (or greater) level of important aspects to analysis including utilization of company assumptions and point of view with confidentiality and security.
    • Smaller companies: Whether medium or small, companies face strategic decisions. It is critical to get their answer right. We help companies with insightful analysis that rivals and exceeds the analysis even the largest companies can muster. We put small companies on an equal footing and provide services at reasonable costs.

Within Companies, Who Uses Our Services

  • Position: anyone with a role in corporate or business unit decisions including:
    • Top Executives. CEOs are responsible for the most important corporate decisions. ArrowHead provides accurate representation of future markets and key insights for informing executive decisions. But additionally our experts help executives discuss and frame the issues and interpret the analysis.
    • Business unit and department heads.
  • Business/Functional Area
    • Corporate Strategy, Strategic Planning, Corporate Development
    • Exploration and Production
    • Asset Management
    • Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Trading and Marketing
    • Risk Management
    • Sustainability
    • Regulatory
    • Legal (witness)