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Does the current situation in the Ukraine provide a better opportunity for U.S. export of natural gas to Europe to displace/replace Russian gas?
Should light, tight oil be banned or taxed in California or other regions?
Is light oil constraining refineries in the US?
How will energy storage impact the use of renewables?
Are exports of oil and natural gas from the United States realistic?
How likely is Mexico to offer concessions in Mexico for international drillers?
What are the impacts in North America of NSPS and ESPS? How disruptive are these regulations?
What direction are natural gas contracts in Europe likely to take? Will oil indexing continue?
How feasible are North American natural gas exports via LNG? To what regions?
Safety from spontaneous failure (refineries, power plants, transmission lines)
Does energy storage impact price? How? To what extent?
How will increased use of energy storage impact thermal and renewables generation mix?
How feasible are natural gas exports via pipeline to Mexico?
Vehicle mix and life cycle cost
How important are accurate shale resource estimates around the world (Mexico, Algeria, Argentina, China)?
Light tight oil resource estimate around the world
Safety from terrorist acts