ArrowHead Services – Decision Analysis and Commodity Market Forecasting

ArrowHead’s Consultants Help Commodity Companies Understand Future Markets for Better Decision Making

Our consulting services are based on understanding and meeting client needs

ArrowHead provides consulting services that help energy and other commodity companies better understand future commodity markets for more informed decision making. There are several key aspects that differentiate ArrowHead from other methods companies use to aid their market knowledge.

Most important to us is our focus on our clients’ needs. Understanding and meeting our client requirements is the top of the tenets on which our business is based. Our clients’ needs not only include the areas with which they need assistance, understanding future commodity markets for better decision making. They also include the way they want and/or need to do business. We are a flexible company with a wide array of services that can be tailored to our clients’ requirements.

What Makes ArrowHead’s Services Unique?

ArrowHead’s services are unique in 3 ways:

  1. ArrowHead Models – In providing their analysis services, our market experts use ArrowHead Models. Our fundamental commodity market models produce probability distributions of prices and quantities over the time horizon of your decisions. For over 3 decades these models have been used to help clients make the right decisions. They have been continuously improved over this time and are unique in many ways detailed in our website pages on Models.
  2. ArrowHead Consultants – Our market experts bring at least a decade of experience each in helping companies analyze business decisions and understand the commodity markets that they serve. They are knowledgeable in these markets but also in how to use our models to best analyze the future markets. The unique insights that our models provide have given them a very deep understanding of these markets. Our consultants focus on understanding our clients’ needs and using their experience to help meet them. They work with customers most strategic issues and they are committed to maintaining client confidentiality, a key tenet of the ArrowHead company culture. For more detail on what makes our consultants cost effective (Our People).
  3. Flexibility in 2 ways:
    1. Making strategic decisions involves many levels and types of analysis. Our consultants are capable of performing the complete analysis and making recommendations. Included in such an analysis would be running different scenarios using the ArrowHead Models. Alternatively, based on a client’s needs, the services that ArrowHead provides might be just making the model runs and providing the results. Or based on client needs, we could perform any combination of the tasks required in making a specific decision. For example we could run the model scenarios, analyze the results, and use the results to populate pro formas required for a particular decision (such as the profitability of an asset inn an asset acquisition decision). For more information, please see ArrowHead Services Offerings.
    2. How we do business
      • Though the ArrowHead Models provide our clients many a unique level of accuracy and transparency, clients are not required to license our models. This enables them to take advantage of the market insights the ArrowHead models provide without needing to incur costs for software or internal IT charges. It also does not require that clients have a staff that is trained to run the models; instead our market experts, skilled in running the models for many years, can provide the analysis and speed our clients getting the answers they need. Because of the transparency and flexibility of our models, clients are able to understand the assumptions, data and methodology used and client assumptions and/or data can be used in the analysis. We can also maintain client-proprietary versions of our models (with absolute confidentiality) for rapid turnaround of analysis that needs to be done in a day or so.
      • Additionally, our contracting methods are also flexible to client needs to make doing business with ArrowHead as easy as possible.